2016 CFL Preveiw: Top Wide Receivers

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With the new CFL season getting ever closer, I will be taking a look at each position from Kicker to Quarterback going into 2016 and ranking who I see as the best. This will be a list made up of last year’s players as I have little info on new International players and the draft rarely yields elite level talent (at least in the player’s rookie year). Please feel free to leave a comment if you have other thoughts.

Here we go…

1. Chris Williams (2015 Stats: 88 Catches-1214 Yards-5 TDs)

I may get roasted for not placing Adarius Bowman up here but I can’t ignore what Williams has accomplished in his career since day one. I remember Williams exploding onto the scene in 2011 in a game against BC and then seeing him torch seemingly every opponent since then. Williams has never had less than 1000 yards or 5 TDs in a season and is one of the most dangerous return men in the CFL to boot. Blazing fast and able to handle a high volume of targets (70+ receptions every year), I see Williams as the unquestioned #1 receiver going into 2016.

2. Adarius Bowman (2015 Stats: 93 Catches-1304 Yards-7 TDs)

No way I can drop Bowman any lower than #2 after back to back years of monster production at level we haven’t seen in the CFL in some time. My issue with Bowman is his penchant to drop easy balls and, at times, disappear completely from a game. But make no mistake, when the 6’3 217 pound receiver gets going you CANNOT stop him. Recently watching the NBA playoffs, I liken Bowman to Lebron James: when it comes to these two being motivated and on their game they are too strong and too good for anyone to do anything but hope to slow them down. Maybe Bowman will put up a third monster season and forces his way back to the top of the list, I sure wouldn’t be opposed to watching that happen.

3. Emmanuel Arceneaux (2015 Stats: 76 Catches-1151 Yards-9 TDs)

One of my favorite CFL memories was watching Emmanuel Arceneaux come down with the game-tying Hail Mary touchdown against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 2010 West Division Semifinal. I knew then that the BC Lions star wide-out would be something special in the league, and nearly 6 years later I (and the Lions) haven’t been disappointed. As strong, fast, and keenly aware of the field and his position in it, Arceneaux fits the prototypical mold of a #1 receiver and has provided the Lions with a reliable option in the passing attack. While Arceneaux lost a few years to the NFL and his year to year numbers aren’t on the same level as Williams or Bowman there is no receiver I trust more to go deep and snag a critical jump-ball. With the strong-armed Jonathan Jennings set to take over at QB in 2016, Arceneaux could be set to light up the league in a big way.

4. SJ Green (2015 Stats: 71 Catches-1036 Yards-3 TDs)

SJ Green has made his name in the CFL with his incredible circus catches but it is his consistent production and leadership in the past few years that have him at #4 on this list. With Anthony Calvillo retired  and Jamel Richardson no longer on the roster, Green became the big dog on the Alouettes and put the offense on his back with several 1000 yard seasons, and yes, more circus catches, to keep his team competitive. With the return of Duron Carter (more on him below) and the steady hand of Kevin Glenn at QB (or tantalizing rookie Vernon Adams), I can see Green being a contender for leading the league in receiving this year. Even if his numbers don’t climb that high, Green will surely put on a show for CFL fans as he has each and every year.

5. Luke Tasker (2015 Stats: 76 Catches-1066 Yards-6 TDs)

Tasker may have been higher on the list had Quarterback Zach Collaros not been hurt last year (and now possibly to start this year). The two have an incredibly chemistry which has allowed Tasker to steadily improve over the years to my #5 overall receiver. This season, despite Collaros’s injury, Tasker never had less than 3 catches in a game and only fell beneath 50 yards twice. Consistent production like that, coupled with clutch plays in some tight games, already place Tasker in an elite category despite his slightly smaller size and frame (5’11 191lbs). Now, with yet another year under his belt, Tasker can really come into his own, especially if Collaros comes back earlier than expected.

The next superstars: Derel Walker (2015 Stats: 89 Catches-1110 Yards-6 TDs), Duron Carter (2014 Stats: 75 Catches-1030 Yards-7 TDs), Ryan Smith (2015 Stats: 59 Catches-991 Yards-7 TDs)

The future is bright for the CFL and these three young men are all a big part of it. Walker burst onto the scene with a rookie campaign that have some already crowning him the best receiver in the league. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider listing him above, but I need to see it once more before he knocks off one of the vets. Carter was well on his way to his own epic CFL career when an opportunity down south stole him away and reset expectations (to a degree). Now back with the Als, Carter can get to work in earnest for his own bust in the CFHOF which should match nicely with his Dad’s down south. When Ryan Smith left Saskatchewan there were some who felt it was a bigger loss to the Riders than similarly diminutive receiver Weston Dressler. While I’m not sure if I agree there, Smith wowed the CFL with several outstanding catches and nearly snagged 1000 yards while on a very bad Rider team. Expect Smith to continue to produce at a high level and work his way out of Dressler’s shadow to forge his own legend, in Winnipeg or elsewhere.


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