Eskimos and REDBLACKS – Grey Cup

The Grey Cup has come and gone and we are now left with the empty void that is the CFL offseason. At least we were treated to a great game between the CFL’s finest and a half decent halftime show (if you watched on TV). The game ended the way I predicted but certainly not how I predicted, but often that’s half the fun of watching any sport because nothing is guaranteed. Sports theology aside, here is the breakdown of the 103rd Grey Cup.

Edmonton vs. Ottawa

This game was fantastic In that it showed the true colors of so many key players…

  • Adarius Bowman made a horrible drop on a key play and then proceeded to dominate the rest of his matchups like the top shelf receiver he is.
  • Patrick Watkins put an exclamation point on his reputation as a lockdown corner with an interception and several pass knock downs (and very nearly a second pick).
  • The REDBLACKS defense shut down the run game but were unable to control a mobile QB for the second straight week.
  • Mike Reilly took far too many hits and several questionable shots with the football but put the team on his back when the game was on the line and came out on top.
  • Henry Burris…well. Burris played a game that encapsulated his entire career. He started hot, made a huge mistake, went through a bad funk, and then almost came back for a win. Love him or hate him  Burris can play with the best of em, but he also has a knack for giving it all back when his concentration is broken.

The biggest surprise of the evening was how well the Eskimos covered the REDBLACKS receivers throughout the evening. Early on Burris tried to pick on Aaron Grymes and for the most part it worked, then Watkins snagged his interception. After that pick the entire Edmonton secondary clamped down and made the REDBLACKS lean on William Powel.

I have to throw a note in about the kickers, wow was I off base (much like Sean Whyte). Whyte came very close to costing the Eskimos the entire game with his pair of misses while Chris Milo cemented his odd year elite status with several clutch kicks, never bet against odd year Milo.

In the end the game did come down to defense and the Quarterback play, as most (NFL and CFL) games do. The game was never out of reach for either side thanks to the solid play from both teams along the defensive front. When it finally came to the crunch Reilly pulled out every trick he had and got his team across the goal line. I’m not sure how long Reilly can play his run-n-gun style in the CFL, before he literally gets knocked out for good, but he has proven that he can certainly be the franchise QB Edmonton wanted when they handed the reins to him back in 2013.

Extra Point

  • I’m not sure I would agree with it, but I can see Reilly getting the #1 overall spot in TSN’s top 50 CFL players next year after the above mentioned game winning drive (#BoldPrediction).



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