2015 Grey Cup Matchup #1 (Special Teams)

As the 2015 Grey Cup looms closer I wanted to take a closer look at the rosters of both Edmonton and Ottawa to decide who has the edge going into the biggest game of the year. This is a feature I will likely be doing for one game a week going forward as I switch to NFL after the GC. Today will be Special Teams and tomorrow will be Offense and Defense. Let’s begin!


Ottawa: Chris Milo

Edmonton: Sean Whtye

Neither kicker began the year on their current roster due to performance issues with their previous team, now they will be called upon to make the most pressure packed kicks of the year (Irony!).

Milo has had a rollercoaster career field goal average, an 84.6% 2011 followed by a 64.7% 2012 and then a 88.5% 2013 followed by a 71.4% 2014. As this is an odd year he is therefore doing incredibly well in Ottawa with 91.2% average. Milo has elite kicker ability and a tendency to get wildly erratic, a dangerous mix for his position.

Coming into this year Whyte was on my list of the top three kickers in the CFL behind only Rene Paredes and Justin Medlock. I don’t follow the Montreal Alouettes newsreel as closely as other teams but I still can’t imagine why the Als let Whyte walk. An accurate and consistent kicker, Whyte has never diped below 80% since becoming a starter and finished this year over 92%. While I don’t believe he has the range of Milo, I trust him more with a game winning kick

Advantage: Edmonton

Kick Returner

Ottawa: Chris Williams

Edmonton: Kendial Lawrence

A very close matchup as both players are dangerous on returns and as starting offensive pieces.

Lawrence had an incredible rookie year, contributing in returns, receiving, and rushing but this year has seen his touches reduced due to the presence of other stars (Bowman, Walker, Stafford, Bell). This is not to say he has not been effective, Lawrence finished second in the league in total return yards had has a punt return TD.

Williams seems to have lost none of his supreme talent after his journey south to the NFL. Prior to his depature Williams was an unstoppable return man in the Brandon Banks mold (small frame, big speed).  Williams has primarily been a focus on the REDBLACKS offense and as such he has shared much of his special teams duties with Jamil Smith. Still I expect the REDBLACKS to give the ball as often as they can to Williams, including on returns.

Advantage: Even

Cover Team

Ottawa: Antoine Puneau, Nigel Romick, James Green

Edmonton: Deon Lacy, Mike Miller, Blair Smith

Most people won’t know any of the names I listed above, but that hasn’t stopped them from being key cogs in keeping their teams from surrendering long returns. Considering the importance of field position these two groups will likely have big roles in the Grey Cup.

I don’t know enough about the intricacies of cover team work to get into much detail so I’ll single out one thing for each side. For Edmonton Deon Lacy is a beast. I don’t use that term lightly, Lacy lead the league in Special Teams tackles last year and was one tackle short of leading this year. He got into the starting defensive rotation this year and walked away with six sacks and two forced fumbles. Lacy is a playmaker and always seems to be around the ball. In a big game like the GC I can see him making a mark on Special Teams or otherwise.

For Ottawa no single name jumps off the page, but it doesn’t have to. Ottawa has been lights out in coverage this year thanks to contributions from a variety of sources. They completely shut down Brnadon Banks (who as I mentioned is just as deadly as Chris Williams) in the Eatern Final and can consistently make teams face long fields. That kind of team effort outshines individual performances, even Lacy’s.

Advantage: Ottawa


2 thoughts on “2015 Grey Cup Matchup #1 (Special Teams)

    1. If this was 2012 I would agree completely, but he has almost been used as a backup returner due to his role on offense this year (resulting in fewer big returns). That said, he is so dangerous I had to make him at least equal to Lawrence to respect his past accomplishments.


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