Stampeders and Eskimos – Western Final

The Stampeders put up a fight and attempted a late comeback but were outmatched against the Eskimos in Sundays Western Final. This game proved that being healthy is often the best advantage a team can have, especially in winner-take-all playoff games. My prediction of an Edmonton vs Ottawa Grey Cup has come true and has me more excited than every for next Sunday. Before that though, here are my takeaways from the 31-45 Edmonton win…

Calgary vs Edmonton

  • As mentioned above it showed early that Calgary was hamstrung by injury on multiple fronts. Bad snaps and several miscues along the mostly raw offensive line made life difficult for Bo Levi Mitchell and Jerome Messam who struggled to gain momentum. Being without Charleston Hughes hampered the Stampeders ability to get pressure on Mike Reilly who picked apart the Calgary secondary. Said secondary was also easy to pick on as it was forced to play inexperienced Adam Berger because of (you guessed it) injuries. Coming off two weeks rest Edmonton only suffered from a poor running game as a result of injury (Shakir Bell), and when you have Mike Reilly as a QB do you really need a running back?
  • Speaking of Edmontons lack of running game, it was easy to see that Reilly was happy to utilize the quick passing game to cover for his inexperienced back Akeem Shavers. Derel Walker and Adarius Bowman feasted on Calgary’s sloppy tackling, both going over 5+ catches and 70+ yards.
  • I am happy to admit that my endless hours of watching football paid off in a big way when I correctly called the Eskimos special teams fake in the first half. When the Eskies lined up to kick all I could think of was, “Chris Jones is gonna go for this, its too close a game to play it safe.” And lo and behold they did indeed run a fake and got it! It’s gutsy calls like that which make Jones a hard coach to predict, and going into the GC that’s a big advantage for the Eskimos.
  • Other quick thoughts: I know that I gave the Calgary OL a hard time but they did seem to improve as the game went on. So why on earth did the Stamps ignore Messam inside the 5 yard line? That’s where you give your bruiser the rock…When Bo Levi gets time he is a deadly passer with a good combination of arm strength and touch. While Bo can play under pressure and on the move it doesn’t seem to be his favored style. The difference in this game was that Reilly is almost better at making things happen when he is moving than when he stands in the pocket. Both QBs were under pressure but Bo couldn’t make consistent big gains until the end when the Eskies backed off with the lead.

Extra Point

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Stampeders organisation going forward. With Hufnagel moving to the front office full time, Dave Dickenson likely becoming HC, and the Roughriders looking to snag assistant GM John Murphy we could see the end of an era in Calgary. However it would be a disservice to Hufnagel to assume everything will fall apart going forward, I trust that he has had a good plan in place for his succession for a while now. Still, you know what they say about the best laid plans…


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