Argos and Ti-Cats – CFL Semi Finals

The first round of the 2015 CFL playoffs is in the books and we were treated to one unpredictable game between the Ti-Cats and Argos. I selected the Argos to win a close one but the result was a 22-25 win for the Cats. Here are some thoughts and breakdowns from the game.

Hamilton vs Toronto

  • When it comes to winning in the playoffs the team with the best Quarterback and the best defense wins, in this game that was a split between the two teams. Ricky Ray had the playoff experience and veteran moxy at QB for the Argos while the Ti-Cats fielded the better defense by far. In the end it was the defense that gave the Ti-Cats time for third stringer Jeremiah Masoli to complete a few strikes and set up Justin”Money” Medlock for a game winner. Speaking of…
  • Justin Medlock has replaced Paul McCallum as the CFL’s most reliable kicker. I know Rene Paredes had that crazy streak in 2013 but he followed that up with a somewhat disappointing 2014. Medlock has shown consistent accuracy and range throughout his career and had the disadvantage of kicking at windy Ivor Wynne Stadium for a spell. If I were to list my top three kickers they would be Medlock, Paredes, and Sean Whyte (What happened between him and Montreal?).
  • Back to the game, my prediction that Ray could lead the Argos to a victory collapsed in the face of intense Ti-Cat pressure seemingly every snap. I know Ray must have been a little rusty and perhaps not healthy enough but he looked like a liability at times. It seemed like he didn’t see pressure at times or couldn’t make the correct adjustments to counter it. Hindsight is 20-20 but I feel that Trevor Harris should have been put in at some point in the second half to take advantage of his athleticism and make something happen.
  • While I’m suggesting QB substitutions I gotta ask, WHY THE HECK was McPherson in the game? Ya the whole QB run thing worked a couple times but the Ti-Cats figured that out quick and left the Argos stymied. Are you telling me a series or two with Harris (who they at least trust to throw) wouldn’t have been more effective? I respect Coach Milanovich but it felt like he was outsmarting himself on that move
  • Final Note on the game. The Tiger Cats have the most complete roster in the CFL…minus the Quarterback position. Defense, special teams, and the running game (welcome back Gable) are clicking at the right time to compensate for a reduced passing attack. If Zack Collaros hadn’t been injured I don’t think even Edmonton (my pick to win it all) would have slowed them down on the way to a Grey Cup. As it is I don’t think they are quite balanced enough to beat Ottawa (who I hope will win it all) but hey, what do I know?

Extra Point(s)

  • Continuing the theme of me not knowing things, I thought Mitchel Gale was a better option at the seasons start for the Argos than Harris. Whoops!
  • Congrats to Jon Mason who won his third CFL Fantasy title in our Fantas-Eh Football League. You must be cheating…somehow.


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